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Why use a Professional Photographer?

First impressions count. The first view of your work that a potential client sees is often a photograph.

High end photography attracts high end clients.

When you’ve done top quality work, record it well to attract clients who want more of the same.

A professional garden photographer is practiced at finding the best angles to show the project, styling the area and shooting in the most flattering light.

It’s the photographer’s job to record the virtues of your completed projects while you concentrate on designing and building.

Professional photography is not as expensive as you expect. Even small firms can afford it. If a good presentation increases your sales by 10%, it has much more than paid for itself.

Professional photography is an important part of the marketing that helps a small firm grow.

Seeing your work well presented in your portfolio or on your website will increase your confidence when meeting with potential clients.

You will never again have to say “It doesn’t photograph well but...”

This is the age of the website. When potential clients start their search with a review of websites, you want yours to stand out.

Clear, appealing images help clients articulate their needs. If they see a retaining wall that you’ve designed or built, they might want that wall.

If your portfolio consists of only blueprints and scale drawings, not all clients will be able to envision the actual projects they represent.

If clients see professional quality images of your work, they will be more likely to pay professional rates.